December 28, 2011 Minneapolis Star Tribune feature article

Clyde Bellecourt in the planned American Indian Movement Interpretive Center (photo by David Joles)

Center to focus on the American Indian Movement Posted by: Randy Furst under People and neighborhoods, Politics and government Updated: December 28, 2011 - 9:51 AM  » Read more » 

Heart of the Earth 2010 annual report

This annual report for the year 2010 reflects Heart of the Earth's work in Minneapolis, the surrounding metropolitan area, Minnesota, the region and across the country.  

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AIM at the Minnesota History Center

On Tuesday December 7, 2011, 7PM, Clyde Bellecourt will be speaking on the history of American Indian Movement at the Minnesota Historical Society.

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The Interpretive Center building

A historical and architectural analysis of the building, currently undergoing rehabilitation, that will house the Interpretive Center.  » Read more » 

Bellecourt at UN Forum on Indigenous Issues

Intervention and remarks to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from the Tenth Session, May 20, 2011, United Nations, New York  » Read more » 

Yamamoto Annual Canoe Cup

Heart of the Earth has been co-sponsoring and recruiting for an annual competitive canoe cup for eight years as part of a training and incentive program to encourage Native youth to develop a vision for competing in the International Olympics.  » Read more » 

Heart of the Earth in the News

Paul Durand's life work unearthed hundreds of American Indian names for area landmarks. The work continues even after his death.  » Read more » 

Clyde Bellecourt speaks about history, treaties and occupation

Heart of the Earth Executive Director Clyde Bellecourt speaks about history, treaties and occupation during the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul in 2008.