Social and organizing history

Bellecourt at UN Forum on Indigenous Issues

Intervention and remarks to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from the Tenth Session, May 20, 2011, United Nations, New York  » Read more » 

Alcatraz Annual International Commemoration

1969: ALCATRAZ ISLAND occupied for 19 months. AIM was there when United Indians of All Tribes reclaimed federal land in the name of Native Nations. First Indian radio broadcasts--Radio Free Alcatraz--heard in the Bay Area of San Francisco.  » Read more » 

Heart of the Earth Sacred Pipes Sundance / Yamamoto Cup on Radio

Clyde Bellecourt discusses new work and grassroots cultural organizing history, and focuses on the 21st annual Gathering of the Sacred Pipes Sundance and the Great Anishinaabe Yamamoto Cup Canoe Race  » Read more » 

American Indian OIC visited by House Speaker Pelosi

(AIOIC) in Minneapolis was paid a visit by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.  Shown here:  Bill Means, Rep Pelosi, Clyde Bellecourt.  Bellecourt is founder of AIOIC and serves on the board of directors.   » Read more » 

Phillips Community Crime Prevention Initiative

Heart of the Earth has been a part of community security for nearly 40 years. Students learn best when they have safe environments and feel secure. During the 1980s and 90s, the Phillips Neighborhood in South Minneapolis became increasingly unsafe. Heart of the Earth and the Elaine Stately Peacemakers Center collaborated with dozens of community based organizations and cultural organizers to create a comprehensive plan to address many of the unsolved safety issues.  » Read more » 

AIM FOR FREEDOM - Ilka Hartmann, Photographer

A 40 Year Photography & Art Retrospective of the American Indian Movement  » Read more » 

Who we are

We are children of the Earth
We are children of our grandfathers
We'll survive for our people because we are
The Heart of the Earth.


About Heart of the Earth Survival School, Inc

Historic photo of the founders and staff of Heart of the Earth Survival School, Inc.  HOTE Inc was established in 1968 and gained Congressional recognition in 1972.  » Read more »